Join Weevily Wonder – Author Applications


Our recent survey showed that you would like more authors to manage Weevily Wonder! This is the time for talented Bin Weevils to send in their applications to join Weevily Wonder, we’re a fast growing Bin Weevils fan site and we need talented Bin bloggers to post fantastic posts. If you are interested, please read on.

When becoming a Weevily Wonder you must take responsibly for your posting, each author will be given a posting day – if you get an author role on Weevily Wonder, the email which will be sent to you explains everything. To become an author, you must…

  • Be a friendly, caring Bin Weevil who loves to help.
  • Have excellent grammar & writing skills.
  • You mustn’t have any bad history with Weevily Wonder.
  • You must have access to a screenshot program to take clear pictures for your posts.
  • You must comment on Weevily Wonder daily.
  • You must follow instructions & listen to things carefully. 
  • You must have good skills with WordPress.

When you join Weevily Wonder, you’ll receive a helpful email explaining how to post and all the basics. If you’re interested in sending in your application, please fill in the form below CAREFULLY. Make sure you check over your application to make sure it’s all fantastic.

Thank you for sending your application to us. Good luck! If you get the author role you’ll get an email from us explaining your posting day, how to post, and all the other basics. We can’t wait to welcome the new authors to Weevily Wonder.

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