A Look Inside: Dumdawg’s New Ice Summer Cafe

Hello Bin Weevils! 

As the Summer Fair has begun and it’s Summer I decided to mix two themes together, Summer & Winter! I have created an Ice Summer Cafe nest room which is freezing & colourful. I included some Summer Fair prizes & delicious food to eat, also the ice cream chairs & tables are available at Nestco! Mixing your nest rooms with different themes are a very good idea. Here’s my Ice Summer Cafe!

ice roomI hope Weevily Wonder blog readers like my Ice Summer Cafe nest room. It’s full of delicious food to eat, and it’s bright and cheerful! All winter items showcased in my nest room are available at Nestco, all Summer Fair items are available at the Prize Hut in the Summer Fair entrance!

Weevily Wonder’s recent survey showed that you would like us to post more nest rooms, from now on I’ll be posting more look inside posts of my nest rooms and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about them! Leave your thoughts about my new Ice Summer Cafe in the comments area.

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