New Prizes, Playable Pets, Bin Weevils In The Gunge Tent At The Summer Fair!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Ready for more Bin Weevils Summer Fair fun? This week the Summer Fair has got even more Bin-tastic once again, head to the fair ground from the Binscape map to check out all the new stuff. There’s new playable pets at Bin Pet Bounce, new prizes & new Bin Weevils in the Gunge Tent!

bin pet bounceStarting at Bin Pet Bounce, there’s new playable pets for you to play with! Choice which Bin Pet you would like to play with via the main menu screen, there’s Scribbles’ pet Doodle, Tink’s pet Orange, & Posh’s pet Lady Wawa!

Scribbles’ pet, Doodle is the bigger jump level. You’ll have to score over 5,000 to play with Lady Wawa & Orange!


There’s brand new prizes at the Summer Fair Prize Hut in the entrance! Weevily wow, so many great prizes to purchase with your Tokens. 

Psst! Don’t forget to check out the other screens for even more Summer Fair prizes! 



gungeWe voted, and now Posh & Dosh face each other in the Gunge Tent! Head to the Gunge Tent to help your team win Tokens by stopping your chosen Bin Weevil celebrity from gunge! If your team wins, you’ll all win 5 Tokens! Bin-tastic!

Make sure you keep checking out the What’s New Blog for the next Gunge Tent Poll, Posh & Dosh were voted to go head-to-head in the Gunge Tent. What other Bin Weevils would you like to see in the Gunge Tent? Stay tuned for more Summer Fair fun!

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