Preview The Weevil World Trailer Tomorrow

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils has partnered up with a digital gaming company to produce a brand new Bin-tastic game for our mobile phones and tablets coming soon! Over the past few months or so, Bin Weevils have been releasing exclusive images of Bin Bots and other game features, both on social media pages and on the What’s New Blog. The latest tweet on the Weevil World account announced that anyone who has signed up on the game’s website, will be able to watch a preview of the trailer! That means that those who have signed up will be able to watch it before anyone else! How weevily exciting is that?

If you haven’t signed up for an account yet then hurry, as the trailer preview will be airing from 3pm on 22nd August 2014! To sign up please visit

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5 thoughts on “Preview The Weevil World Trailer Tomorrow

      • Weevil World will be like Forest Story, have you played that game? It looks like it! Where you control your character, make wood, build a garden etc. It won’t be like that, but it’ll be somewhat like that. 🙂

        It’ll get a lot of reviews and downloads because it’ll be for free!


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