The Weevil World Trailer Is Here

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow! Today Bin Weevils has released the first Weevil World trailer, if you signed up on the Weevil World website you’ll be emailed a Weevil World email with the exclusive NEW trailer which looks absolutely amazing! You can watch the NEW trailer above, Weevil World will be Bin-tastic and the trailer gives us so much sneak peeks.


Are you ready to jump in and take charge? Assemble a crew of bots and build, trade and raid your way to the top! Grow luscious plants, harvest precious materials and craft beautiful items! Have you got what it takes to become a Weevil Legend? This does sound really exciting!

It looks like Weevil World will be all about Bin Bots, our new Bin Weevil characters in Weevil World look Bin-tastic! Can you believe we will be able to dress our Bin Weevil? I can’t wait for this. Leave your thoughts in the comments area below.

Weevil World – Your Weevil, Your World, Your Way! 

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