Weevil World To Release In Autumn?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Whilst I was reading an article about Bin Weevils & SuperAwesome’s advertising partnership, I continued on reading until I suddenly found something rather interesting that was wrote down about Weevil World which you may want to hear, it said…

Bin Weevils will focus its resources and investment in the development of its browser-based world and the production of a new title ‘Weevil World’ which will be released in the Autumn. Weevil World will be a cross-platform experience for kids with the initial launch in the App Store.


We may already know that SuperAwesome is helping with production of Weevil World, but it also said that Weevil World will be releasing in the some-time in the Autumn season! This means that it will be landing at the App Store on your mobile & tablets very, very soon… Bin-tastic!

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