New Prizes, Funhouse Carnival Cutouts, Bin Weevils In The Gunge Tent

Hello Bin Weevils!

There’s some new additions to the Bin Weevils Summer Fair! This week Bin Weevils HQ has added some Bin-tastic new prizes to the Prize Hut, there’s some weevily-fun carnival cutouts in the Funhouse entrance, and there’s new Bin Weevils in the Gunge Tent!


New prizes have arrived at the Prize Hut! This week the prizes are really Bin-tastic, there’s some Funhouse ceiling & wallpapers, a funky fair sofa, a popcorn machine item and so much more! Remember to play the games around the Summer Fair to purchase exclusive prizes. You can find the other prizes by clicking the green arrow!

funhouseWeevily wow! There’s some fun carnival cutouts inside the Funhouse! Aren’t these super-fun? Me and my buddies are having such a fabulous time – these cutouts are such a great idea & they’re great to get some weevily snaps!

gunge tentFling & Slam are now facing each other in the Gunge Tent! Visit the Gunge Tent to see what team you’re on, can you save your chosen Bin Weevil from gunge? Head to the Gunge Tent to find out, the winning team will earn 5 Tokens!

endingThe Summer Fair 2014 is coming to a close soon. Next week, it’ll be the last week for the Summer Fair. We’ve had such a blast at the 2014 Bin Weevils Summer Fair but all things must come to and end, you still have this week and next week to enjoy the Summer Fair!

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