Series 3 Bin Bots Coming Soon?

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was reading the newest Bin Weevils Magazine and I came across a section about Bin Weevils’ upcoming mobile game, Weevil World! It explained all about Weevil World, and apparently we’ll be able to join the Bin Weevils on a new adventure to strange and wonderful lands in the Binscape’s past!

I also read we’ll soon be able to collect all-new BIN BOTS, harvest amazing new PLANTS, cooperate with your friends and visit a WHOLE new Bin Weevils world on your mobile device! Will series 3 Bin Bots be released with Weevil World?

I believe we will be able to collect some of the new Bin Bots in-game, and super-rare ones in Weevil World! Hopefully series 3 Bin Bots are related to Bin Weevils & Bin Weevils’ mobile game, Weevil World!

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8 thoughts on “Series 3 Bin Bots Coming Soon?

  1. I really hope new Bin Bots are coming soon – I don’t think I have all of Series 2 but think I do have all of Series 1, I’m losing count lol.



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