Coming This September To Bin Weevils – The Super Antenna Quest & Scribbles’ Birthday!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

We have some pretty exciting news everybody! This September on Bin Weevils is going to be SO Bin-tastic, Bin Weevils HQ has posted some sneak peeks over on the What’s New Blog and everything which they have on offer looks absolutely Bin-tastic!

It looks like Bin Weevils’ favourite quest, The Super Antenna Quest is returning to the Binscape soon! I’m sure Bin Weevils HQ will post another sneak peek of The Super Antenna Quest, possibly with the new Gem & SUPER ANTENNA!  This is SO exciting.


Scribbles’ Birthday celebrations start in September! It looks like it’s going to be the best birthday EVER, from  September 1st to September 22nd Scribbles will be celebrating his Birthday Extravaganza in style.


Ready for more? Scribbles Birthday Cake will be ANNOUNCED on the 14th September! During this time we’ll be able to DESIGN our OWN Scribbles Birthday Cake and send it to Bin Weevils HQ, the winning cake will be made into a nest item in-game to celebrate Scribbles’ Birthday!


On the 22nd September we’ll be able to wish Scribbles a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we’ll be able to COLLECT a FREE item! This will be Scribbles’ BIG DAY and I’m sure he’ll be making a big appearance in the Binscape! Will there be a Bin party to celebrate? Possibly in Weevil Post or the Editor’s Office?


Want more news? We’ll be able to visit SCRIBBLES’ NEST! Scribbles will be holding a nest party and he’ll be inviting Bin Weevils across the Binscape to come and party with him. Get your green hats on and get ready to PARTY!


The Bin Weevils Summer Fair is coming to an end, but don’t worry! You still have plenty of time to start collecting your tokens to purchase all the Bin-tastic prizes at the Prize Hut. From September 4th to September 14th there’ll be EXTRA TOKENS at the Summer Fair, and much more.


Stay tuned to Weevily Wonder! We’ll report everything you need to know about September on Bin Weevils. Weevily wow, this is all exciting! Bin Weevils will be filled with fun during September, stay tuned to the What’s New Blog for more sneak peeks soon.

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