Best Nest Issue #104 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils! 


Have you heard? A new issue of Best Nest is out now – you can read it at the Weevil Post! Inside is a variety of Bin-tastic nest rooms for you to look at and use for inspiration. This week’s theme is the Summer Fair and each Bin Weevil has put in a great effort.

However, two nest rooms really stood out from the rest… well done to 12theron & MoRgan… you can check out their nest rooms, along with a detailed review!

chelsWow, what a Bin-tastic Summer Fair party nest room! This room is absolutely amazing & the design is amazing too. 12theron has made a splendid nest room, and has put in a lot of effort! The balloons and Summer Fair prizes really go together, with the Tink items too!

Overall; a fabulous party-themed nest room, well done!


Another fantastic nest room created by MoRgan! This room is simple, but modern! I really like the design. This weevil has included many new Summer Fair prizes which are available in the Prize Hut at the Summer Fair! A Bin-tastic nest room, must have taken a lot of effort!

Overall; a splendid Summer Fair nest room, fantastic work!

Tune in for another Best Nest issue next week, along with an exclusive review here on Weevily Wonder made by our professional members of the team.

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