Yet again, Bin Weevils is down!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Earlier today, the Bin Weevils maintenance screen was up for the second time this week, due to hacking. Over the weekend we’ve seen a series of closures unfortunately and most of these closures nearly took up the entire weekend! The hacking incidents took place overnight on Friday, however Bin Weevils did reopen briefly in the afternoon of Saturday and was forced to close once again on Sunday.

The Weevily Wonder Team will be keeping you up-to-date about the recent technical issues Bin Weevils are experiencing! Don’t worry though, as we’re sure that the team at HQ are currently making sure the database and players’ accounts are safe, therefore a temporary closure has been put in place. Keep weeviling!


3 thoughts on “Yet again, Bin Weevils is down!

  1. Hi, htcbintophow! 🙂 As told by Chip, I just updated your post a bit with some extra information and I made sure the picture is in the right size! Remember that images should be placed in the centre of the page, unless you want to put text on the left/right of it. Otherwise, thanks again for posting this! 😉


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