What’s Happening On Bin Weevils?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Some of you may have already found out that Bin Weevils was not closed due to hacking over the weekend, but for something completely different. Recently, Bin Weevils have published a new post on the What’s New Blog, telling us that Rigg is working on a very urgent project and therefore the game has been closed down for the moment. Although we were left for an entire weekend worrying about what was going on, the team have now notified us of what’s going on!

On the post, they also released a very exciting concept art of what could be coming. Judging by what is pictured, it looks like we’ll be able to actually see how we arrive at our nest in the Bin when logging in. No wonder the login page has also been closed! The graphic shows a weevil jumping into their nest with a parachute on, from what it looks like as a hot air balloon…it does seem very exciting indeed!

Whilst the game developers at Bin Weevils HQ are working hard on these awesome improvements, an exciting 3-day challenge has been released on the What’s New Blog! By filling out the puzzles every day during the time Bin Weevils is closed, you’ll be able to take part in these weevily challenges to win a MEGA-PRIZE! Don’t worry though, weevily readers, as we’ve got the answers here for you! For the first challenge, the answer is: HOT – and the answer to the second part of the challenge is: AIR. Be sure to keep your eyes out on Weevily Wonder to find out the next answer to the puzzle!

Last but not least, the Bin Weevils Team have answered some of our most asked questions based on what’s going on! They have replied to us that all Bin Pets are being looked after by Dott, so you’ll don’t have to worry about that. Our gardens will be kept to the same way it was when Bin Weevils went offline and Bin Tycoon memberships will be extended with the number of days it was unavailable added on. So, weevily readers, you’ll don’t have to worry about anything as Bin Weevils have told us what is going on! What do you think they are adding to the Binscape? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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P.S – Weevily Wonder’s owner, Dumdawg, is currently have some issues with his WordPress account so he will not be able to post for some days. Don’t worry though, as he’s already contacted the WordPress Team and the problems are being dealt with. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “What’s Happening On Bin Weevils?

  1. hi bud hope you are ok, i think we will be having a third floor added to our nests and i agree with you that when it reopens we might parachute into gardens fro an hot air balloon, hope we are not missing out on scribbles party/nest invite do you think the summer fair will still be open when we return, luckily i purchased all the new fair items on the first day of triple points.
    i also purchased the new scribbles items as well and added them all to my nest. i wondered why dumdawg had not replied to my last message, hopefully he will be up and running again soon. HOPE BINWEEVILS IS BACK ON LINE FOR THE WEEKEND.

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