Bin Weevils Is Back Online

Hello Bin Weevils!

Following the closure of Bin Weevils exactly one week ago, they have now re-opened it with a blast! A new area has been added named ‘Nest Street’ which is an awesome place to hang out with your buddies! You can find out more about the new area by clicking here.

Now, in this post I will be highlighting the other small updates that have been added to the world of Bin Weevils! One of the main reasons leading to the temporary closure of Bin Weevils was due to a number of hacking attacks that affected many players on Friday night last week. The team have been able to add some tighter security measures to make sure that the same incident doesn’t take place again! This includes a verification pop-up when logging in each time, to make sure that you’re a human and not a robot. All you have to do is complete a short, but fun puzzle!

It is indeed a good and a very significant step that Bin Weevils have taken to secure their database and the players alike. Hopefully we will be seeing a reduction of cyber attacks over the next few months, so that we can all play without having to worry about illegal account compromises. For those weevils who have logged in for the first time since Bin Weevils re-opened this week, they will be greeted with a short slideshow showing you how you arrive into the Bin. Now that’s weevily amazing!

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