New Bin Weevils Welcome Intro!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Whilst I was creating a new weevil, I spotted a rather new intro to Bin Weevils! This into is so welcoming and welcomes every single Bin Weevil to the Binscape, we know land from our hot air balloon to the Binscape & when you’ve signed up you’ll be taken to the new area!

Every Bin Weevil will also be awarded 2,000 Mulch! If you complete a task, you’ll win Mulch & if you complete all the tasks you’ll win Burple, a cute monster which gives you daily rewards for a whole week!

23Every Bin Weevil feels so welcomed when they join Bin Weevils, they are also greeted by the Bin Weevils too. I wonder what other sort of updates will be arriving to the Binscape soon? Maybe a new nest? Stay tuned!

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