Keeping Your Account Safe

Hello Bin Weevils!

You might have heard that some Bin Weevils accounts were compromised the other day, please don’t worry! All Bin Weevil accounts are absolutely safe now & the Bin Weevils Team have made sure nobody can find your weevil data. It’s very important that you keep your passwords safe! If you don’t keep your password to yourself your account will be compromised.

Follow these simple tips to keep your passwords safe.

  1. Never share your password – keep it to yourself!
  2. Make your password easy for you, but hard to guess for other.
  3. Only share your password with a trusted adult.
  4. Change your password monthly, so it’s always safe!
  5. Add capital letters, and numbers to your password.


These are simple tips that can help you keep your account safe. If you feel your account has been compromised, please contact the Bin Weevils Team at ‘’ and they can do their best to help you!

Don’t forget – keep your accounts safe on all sites, not just Bin Weevils. Never share your passwords on other sites, keep them to YOURSELF and only with a trusted adult. Avoid people who are asking for your password, be a smart weevil!

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