New Garden Balloon Secret Code!

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Weevily Wonder has found an exclusive new secret code! If you would like to collect your very own Hot Air Balloon for your Bin Gardens, weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine outside Lab’s Labs OR beneath your game screen and enter: HOTAIRBALLOONS


Here’s Dumdawg with the HUGE but colourful Hot Air Balloon in his garden! 15.09.14

For even more Bin Weevils secret codes, please visit our Secret Codes page which showcases Nest item codes, garden codes, XP codes & Mulch codes! Once we know a new code, we will always update our page for you.

Dumdawg… Please like, share and re-blog.


21 thoughts on “New Garden Balloon Secret Code!

    • Hi Beano.

      I never saw your Tweet on Twitter because I do not follow you – in-fact I saw my buddy, Eddzy posting on Facebook about the secret code and as he is co-owner of Weevily Wonder, he let me use the secret code without credit.

      Thanks for understanding!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Okay, I appreciate that. Sorry for trying to get credit. I just thought you saw my tweet and bounced on here to put it on, with no credit.

    Any way, it doesn’t matter – because I know that’s not the case. Moving on…

    …The Hot Air Balloon looks VERY cool, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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