Super Legs To Come With The Super Antenna Quest?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Super Legs are currently on offer at the Summer Fair, but once the Summer Fair is over our red & white Super Legs will be removed. It looks like The Super Antenna Quest will involve Super Legs too, maybe as a prize on one of the magical islands? We’ll have to wait and see.

Take a look at what Drewbian Tweeted on Twitter:


This does sound exciting, as Super Legs are highly demanded in Bin Weevils! The Super Antenna Quest is arriving to the Binscape very soon, please stay tuned to Weevily Wonder for upcoming updates & sneak peeks!

Last year’s Super Antenna Quest brought us some fantastic nest items, and of course the ultimate prize, the Super Antenna! I wonder what colour this year’s Super Antenna will be? It was very fun last year, and I’m sure it’ll be even more fun this year!

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6 thoughts on “Super Legs To Come With The Super Antenna Quest?

  1. good to see u carrying on where Judiue left off, look forward to Super antenna quest. Had two invites now to scribbles nest and got logged off both times seems like they cant cope with the amount of people logging on all at once it was very laggy.

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