Best Nest Issue #105 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils! 


Have you heard? A new issue of Best Nest is out now – you can read it at the Weevil Post! Inside is a variety of Bin-tastic nest rooms for you to look at and use for inspiration. This week’s theme is the Scribbles’ Birthday and each Bin Weevil has put in a great effort.

However, two nest rooms really stood out from the rest… well done to _WolfBoy & Ufoshoot… you can check out their nest rooms, along with a detailed review!


_WolfBoy_ has reminded Bin Weevils that the Summer Fair isn’t over yet, a very creative nest room! I love all the items this weevil has included, the Summer Fair prizes look fantastic mixed together with Tink’s Tree nest items!

Overall; a fabulous Summer Fair-themed nest room, well done!


Another fantastic nest room created by Ufoshoot! This room is packed full of Scribbles nest items! I really like the design.  This nest room is perfect to celebrate Scribbles’ Birthday throughout this month!

Overall; a splendid Scribbles nest room, fantastic work!

Tune in for another Best Nest issue next week, along with an exclusive review here on Weevily Wonder made by our professional members of the team.

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