The Super Antenna Quest 2014 – What to Expect

Hello Bin Weevils!

Mackied Here! I’m now writing here on Weevily Wonder on Sundays, so stay tuned for some great posts! I’ll also post some news about Bin Weevils TV, that is in partnership with Weevily Wonder.


The Super Antenna Quest is the ultimate quest for ANY Bin Weevils Adventurer! You can get the most amazing prize in the Bin Scape, Super Antenna!

And guess what? This year it’s returning!

One question we all have, is what will this years new prize be? What about people who already have Super Antenna? There’s one thing that has been covered in mystery since 2008…

Super Legs


Since 2008, a Weevil called ‘The Maker’ had super legs. These are legs, but 3 different colours, like Super Antenna. These have never been available before, but a version that are Red and White where available at the Bin Weevils Summer Fair 2014.

I know that Dumdawg and I had been discussing this for a while. Dumdawg tweeted Drewbian saying:

and Drewbian said…

I guess Super Legs are confirmed! I can’t wait!

Also, there is a rumor that some halloween Super Antenna are coming! I’m guessing they will be back, orange, and green. Sounds Weevily Awesome, eh?

I sure can’t wait for the Super Antenna Quest 2014! Be sure to stay tuned to Weevily Wonder for the latest news on The Super Antenna Quest, and other upcoming events.

And Finally, Weevily Wonder will have a brand new show on BWTV, called the Weevily Wonder Show. It will broadcast the months latest news, strait to your eyes!

jwbwbq3P (1)


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