Samfay’s Scribbles Nest Room – Finshed & Nest Inspector Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Its Thursday again guys and I am back with my finshed Nest Room. In this post I will show you before and after 😉

I also have an extra for you guys in this post Nest Inspector was spotted today at the Editor’s Room of Flem Manor, Flum’s and Weevil Post, here is an image of the sighting at Weevil Post.

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That’s it for this weeks post I hope you all enjoyed! 🙂

Samfay… Please like, share and re-blog


11 thoughts on “Samfay’s Scribbles Nest Room – Finshed & Nest Inspector Spotted!

  1. Hi Samfay!

    There’s some errors in this post. ‘it’s’ needs to be corrected, I would prefer a bigger paragraph at the start; I recommend you insert a slideshow showing your two nest rooms. Again, please correct ‘Editor’s Office’ and the ending point needs to be ‘Your name… Please like, share and re-blog.’

    All this post needs is same care & a bit of a tidy up. Great nest room Samfay! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for posting, samfay! 🙂 Yes, Liam has pointed out some critical errors that should be updated in your post. I have also noticed that you have done some more grammar mistakes. One is: you wrote Flums instead of Flum’s; and secondly: you put thats instead of that’s. Otherwise, good post! 😉


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