Bin Weevils TV – In Partnership with Weevily Wonder – Weekly Roundup

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils TV is an awesome service coming to the Bin Weevils Universe. Showcasing shows from the all over the Bin Scape, and it all for YOU!

logo tv side

This new weekly post, will sum up the weeks happenings on Bin Weevils TV.

Weevily Wonder Show Confirmed!


Dumdawg and the rest of the Weevily Wonder team are proud to announce The Weevily Wonder Show. This show will focus on each months news, and will feature some amazing competitions! Pssssst… Rumor has it a Membership code will be given away on the first episode!

Weevil Who – The Deleted Episode

weevil who galaxy

Weevil Who follows The Doctor and his companion Mackied on their adventures aroundt he universe. Eddzy and I can announce that the first episode is now to be called the Deleted Episode, and the series shall be rewritten.

Launch Date & Player

We are currently having a few problems with our player. Do you have any ideas for a player? It needs to be able to schedule, or if not, show a playlist. If no new player if found, our current, very buggy player, will be the one we launch with.

Once this is sorted, a launch date can be decided.

Accounts system

We are having a few problems with our second server ‘Ooze’ at the moment. Please bare with us, and we will sort this out ASAP!

Company Name

I create a lot of websites. It’s starting to become a bit of a business. I need a name that could link all of my products together, like Bin Weevils are now 55 Pixels ltd. One of my ideas was something like 27 Bins (Kind of like 55 Pixels).

I need your help! Got an idea of a name to link Bin Weevils TV, The Muddy Times, and other sites that I make? Please let me now in the comments section below, and I will put my favorites into a poll for you all to decide.

Thanks the end of this Bin Weevils TV Weekly Roundup. I hope you all have a good week.


Mackied… Please like, share and re-blog.


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