Coming This October To Bin Weevils – Super Antenna & Super Legs Quest & Halloween

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils HQ has posted another ‘Coming this month’ post over on the What’s New Blog! Coming to Bin Weevils next month’s looks spook-tastic and there’s a variety of different events going on. Take a look at what’s coming below:


The weevily-exciting Super Antenna Quest is returning this year, with a big twist! This time we’ll be able to collect SUPER LEGS & an exclusive Super Antenna too! Search through the islands and find secret rewards, including the ULTIMATE prize!

halloween pa

This year’s Halloween Party is coming soon! Get ready to be spooked this Halloween on Bin Weevils, last year’s Halloween Party was absolutely SPOOK-TASTIC and I really enjoyed it so let’s hope the spooky happenings are even better!

spook shop

The Halloween Shop is returning! During the spookiest time of the year we’ll be able to purchase SPOOKY nest items & decorate our nest rooms with Halloween nest items to celebrate the spookiest season!


Dosh’s Palace Halloween Design Competition winner will be announced very soon! Dosh & Rigg will be choosing the most spookiest design! The winner will have their creative spooky design featured in-game this Halloween.


Who’s ready for Hide n’ Seek? Tink and Clott will be hiding all around the Binscape very soon, if we find them we’ll be able to visit their nests! Weevily wow, how COOL is that? See you soon Tink and Clott!

Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming Halloween & Super Antenna Quest news and gossip. Tell us what you’re excited about in the comments section!

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