Dumdawg In Best Nest & Gold Bin Nest Award!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’m pleased to announce the Nest Inspector has featured me in Best Nest, after all my hard work creating new nest rooms I’m very happy I made it into Best Nest for my third time! You can now view my Scribbles themed & Summer Fair themed nest room in Best Nest at Weevil Post!

dumdawg in best nest

GOLDIf that’s not enough, I was awarded my first ever gold Bin nest trophy from the Nest Inspector! Thank you so much Nest Inspector, this has been a big shock to me because I never thought I’d make it into Best Nest again, or even win a gold nest award.

Thank you for your positive feedback on my look inside posts, I’ll be posting much more of my nest rooms very soon.

Dumdawg… Please like, share and re-blog.


5 thoughts on “Dumdawg In Best Nest & Gold Bin Nest Award!

  1. Just amazing Bud! So proud of you.. Great looking back also – come so far! Congrats on every Weevils dream come true all in one day! Your bestie Tiger


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