Weevily Wonder – CCTV Operation

Hello Bin Weevils!


Sadly Weevily Wonder was hacked twice in one week. We’ve  looked into the hacking of Weevily Wonder and now we’re  watching over everyone’s step so we know who deletes pages and who deletes posts.

TiNy-weevil is now Weevily Wonder’s new Security Helper who backs up the blog and saves the pictures for the blog owner! You may comment below about what happens during the CCTV operation and I can show other viewers what to do if they know there blog is going to get hacked.

We would like to spread the message that we do NOT want any of Weevily Wonders posts or pages copied. We can give you permission depending on what post it is to re-blog it! Please do not hesitate to comment about what goes on during this operation! Thanks for reading. Stay safe and keep calm if your blog gets hacked! It’s not the end of the world!

– TiNy Weevil  


4 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder – CCTV Operation

  1. You might want to look on Twitter because right before this blog got backed a few days ago, Bin Leaks said that they where going to hack here.


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