Ask the Bin Weevils Team – episode #01 – new secret code!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils HQ has published a new video for this week! Watch the all-new Ask the Bin Weevils Team video and see if your questions were answered. Bin Weevils HQ has also revealed a Halloween sneak peek too. Watch the video to see it!

Over on the What’s New Blog there’s some brand new images on the side – you can now easily view Bin Weevils videos, older Best Nest issues & other things happening in the Binscape. Click the new ‘our videos’ image to see other weevily videos.

Weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine outside Lab’s Labs or beneath your game screen and enter: BWANSWER for an instant 500 Mulch top-up. To find more weevily secret codes, click here.

Dumdawg… Please like, share and re-blog.


4 thoughts on “Ask the Bin Weevils Team – episode #01 – new secret code!

  1. did you know you werte hacked again today. I received two hacked emails again this morning, its a bit worrying hope they cant access any of my accounts via my email.


    • We’re extremely sorry about all the hacking. It appears people just want to take down this blog. We’ve updated our security.

      Please simply ignore the bad emails, we’ve got good posts for you to read now!


    • Hi WERUBIN!

      We know about the recent hacking incident – we’re very sorry about this. Last night, we had to take Weevily Wonder offline due to the hacking. We’ve restored all our content & made sure the hackers can’t hack us again.

      If you received bad emails from us yesterday, please erase them emails if necessary. Keep following us for more Bin-tastic news to your inbox. If you need anymore assistance please email:! 🙂

      Yours Weevily,

      The Weevily Weevily Team


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