Vote Bin Weevils In The Upcoming BAFTA Kids’ Vote!

Hello Bin Weevils!

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The BAFTA Kids’ Vote is coming up. The Bafta Kids’ Vote allows kids to vote for their favourite websites, games, tv shows and much more. Bin Weevils needs OUR support! When voting opens, on Tuesday 21st October 2014, VOTE FOR BIN WEEVILS!!


Bin Weevils deserves to win this awesome award because they’ve done so much this year, they’re starting to become more social, & listening to their fans. The Bin Weevils Team does so much for Bin Weevils and it’s time for US to make sure they pick up this blingin’ award!

Every year, if you vote for Bin Weevils, you’ll earn exclusive nest items & a certificate. There will be new rewards for us to collect this year! Did you know? Bin Weevils has won the BAFTA Kids’ Vote for 3 years running, if they win this award it’ll be their 4th time winning!

Let’s be proud of Bin Weevils and make sure we WIN!

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