Sneak Peek: New Nests!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils have released a brand new sneak peek of our new nests! We’ve known for quite a while new nests are arriving, but now we know a little more. Our new nests will be vibrant, colourful & much more better! Take a look at this Bin-tastic sneak peek…

oh my

This sneak peek tells us our new nests will look absolutely amazing! Bin Weevils are going to re-fresh the look of our nests, making sure it fits into the Bin Weevils we know today. We can sure tell our nests will be vibrant & totally fresh!

We’ll going to have to wait to find out what will be in our new nests! Be sure to stay tuned to Weevily Wonder for more upcoming news on this. I can’t wait for our new nests & I’m sure they’ll be out tomorrow or next week!

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