A Look Inside: Tink’s Nest

Hello Bin Weevils!

As you may have known, Tink and Clott have been inviting Weevils to their nest all week round for their Hide & Seek event in the Bin! I was lucky enough to have found Tink hiding at Nest Street, and he sent me an invite!

If you haven’t managed to get an invite yet, do not worry because they’ll be inviting more Weevils next week. However, in this post I will be showing you each & every nest room in Tink’s nest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So… what do you think of Tink’s nest? I personally think it’s Bin-tastic! Make sure you leave me a comment below on what you think of his nest, we would love to hear your thoughts.

We’ll be bringing you more information on week two of the Hide & Seek event very soon! In a later post, we’ll bring you a post featuring many of Clott’s nest rooms – stay tuned for that!

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