Weevil Digital Weekly Roundup #1

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s time for this weeks Weevil Digital Roundup! In these posts, I will give you the latest news from all of the Weevil Digital sites.

wd roundup logo


Bin Weevils TV

launch poster

Bin Weevils TV is Launching on the 25th of October! From launch, we will be showing the first episodes of all our shows, for the first 5 days. These shows include the deleted episode of Weevil Who, and the first episode of the Weevily Wonder Show!

Our accounts system is currently completely down. Nesteey is currently attempting to rebuild the system, and we will have an update on that soon. We are really sorry about this, and we hope to either have a new system up and running at launch so BinPlayer can be used, or, a temporary system, just for BinPlayer.

Also, a poll will be released on the Bin Weevils TV and Weevil Who sites soon, selecting who will be the companion in the first Series of Weevil Who. Stay Tuned to the Bin Weevils TV YouTube channel for that.

The Muddy Times

the muddy times logo

Not much to report about The Muddy Times this week. It’s currently being rebuilt, and you can see it when it’s slowly being rewritten, at http://themuddytimes.co.uk.

Weevily Wonder

new logo-


I’m now a co-owner here at Weevily Wonder. This means you will see a lot more of me around the site. Also, production on The Weevily Wonder Show will be starting this week! It will be airing from BWTV’s launch, until the 30th. More information will be on The Weevily Wonder Show’s twitter, and the Bin Weevils TV Twitter.

That’s it from Weevil Digital’s roundup this week! See you throughout the week!

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