SNEAK PEEK: Halloween Party!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils Team has released a new video of Bin Banter! This time, the community team ends up on a spooky adventure! Be sure to watch this week’s Bin Banter to see an exclusive sneak peek of this year’s Halloween Party! Things are sure getting spooky over on Bin Weevils…

These Bin Banter videos are a Bin-tastic idea & I really enjoy them. Did you spot Halloween sneak peeks? There’s a variety of different spooky sneak peeks in this week’s video. We can for sure tell Bin Weevils is going to be spooky this month!

spaWeevily wow! This sneak peek is very spooky! I think this sneak peek is a part of Flem Manor during the Halloween celebrations! Doesn’t it look scary? We can tell there will be new Halloween games, with the return of Manic Manor! Ohh, spooky!

oha1This looks like part of the Halloween Party where we can become a ghost? Or other spooky objects? Looks like Lab’s Halloween invention room to me! Halloween is starting on Bin Weevils! Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming news about this year’s Halloween Party on Bin Weevils!

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2 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK: Halloween Party!

  1. Was Manic Manor for everyone last year? If it was, I don’t remember it! Also, last year there was something else , not Spooky Science, what was it?

    I think Spooky Science is going to be the thing that was on the What’s New Blog (the thing about Lab doing some potions). I think in Spooky Science will be something to do with the potions and new moves!


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