GLAMM, MUDD & MONTY Returning To The Bin Weevils Magazine!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils Magazine HQ has announced they’re bringing back GLAMM, MUDD & MONTY! The future issues of the Bin Weevils Magazine will feature GLAMM, MUDD, & MONTY. Isn’t this Bin-tastic? Bin Weevils Magazine HQ also told us that Scribbles will still feature in the magazine too!

GLAMM is the Bin Weevils nest expert, just like the Nest Inspector. She visits weevils’ nests across the Binscape! If GLAMM thinks your nest is SO Bin-tastic, she’ll feature it in an issue of the Bin Weevils Magazine!

MONTY is the editor of the Bin Weevils Magazine, he publishes the Bin Weevils Magazine every month with the help of the Bin’s top reporter, Scribbles, who is Monty’s cousin! Both of them love reporting the latest news from the Binscape!

MUDD is the Bin Weevils garden expert, just like the Garden Inspector. She visits weevils’ fabulous Bin gardens across the Binscape! If MUDD thinks your Bin garden is SO garden-tastic, she’ll feature it in an issue of the Bin Weevils Magazine!

Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #32 hits sale 23rd October 2014! The next issue will feature nest item codes, Dosh & Mulch codes, and so much more! Stay tuned to the What’s New Blog for details on meet up times & Bin Weevils Magazine news.

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