Weevil Digital Weekly Roundup #2

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s time for this weeks Weevil Digital Roundup!

Firstly, I’m Weevil Of The Week! My Bin Weevil is HUGE!

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Now it’s time for this Weeks Roundup from all the Weevil Digital sites.

wd roundup logo


Bin Weevils TV


Only a 6 days left until launch! Final checks are being made, and then we will be ready! Weevil Who, The Weevily Wonder Show, and others will be airing for the first 5 days, and then we will be adding them to BinPlayer (If the new system is ready). We can’t wait to finally be live!

The Muddy Times

the muddy times logo

Once again, not much to report about The Muddy Times this week. It’s currently being rebuilt, and you can see it when it’s slowly being rewritten, at http://themuddytimes.co.uk.

Weevily Wonder

new logo-


The Weevil Wonder Show is almost ready! Also, the Halloween Competition #1 is on now! All you have to do in write a SPOOKY Story for the Weevil Digital/Weevily Wonder Team to read, and you could win some awesome prizes including a Bin Tycoon Membership! How awesome!

That’s it from Weevil Digital’s roundup this week! See you throughout the week!

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