Don’t Miss Out! Stay Tuned To Weevily Wonder!

Hello Bin Weevils!

With so much happening in-game right now, it’s easy to miss things!

Make sure you don’t miss any key updates by staying tuned to Weevily Wonder! Weevily Wonder authors will be updating Weevily Wonder everyday with Halloween news & Binscape gossip. The Halloween Party at Flem Manor is now open which means more new things will be arriving to the Binscape!


A weevily-spooky header cover from Bin Weevils’ Twitter account. Yay! I love Halloween! Did you know Bin Weevils have nearly reached 2,000 followers on Twitter? A great achievement, Bin Weevils Team!

As well as key updates, we’re cover all  What’s New Blog posts. It’s not just Halloween! Every day Weevily Wonder publishes Bin-tastic posts for you to enjoy! I hope you enjoy our future posts! You’ll always find the best scoop right here on Weevily Wonder.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween – on 31st October – enjoy trick or treating & stay safe. Comment your spooktacular plans in the comments section below this post.

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