NEW: Halloween Contest #2!

halloween contest 2

Halloween is just around the corner & Weevily Wonder is celebrating with Bin-tastic contests! Bin Weevils can now enter the next contest! All you need to do is send us a picture of you at the Halloween Party. Please send all entries to!

Drum roll please… last week’s contest winner has been chosen! A big weevily congratulations to Peekatoe! This weevil’s spooky story was so spook-tastic & we really enjoyed reading it. You can read it for yourself below…

Once there was a weevil named Peekatoe. She was a friendly player on Bin Weevils and changed her look for Halloween. She even gave her nest a whole new makeover for Halloween.

One day, Peek went to Flum’s fountain and saw a green Bin Pet with no eyes at all! She wasn’t sure if this was normal. “What’s up with these Bin Pets?” Peek asked to herself. She wasn’t sure if the no eyed Bin Pets were a glitch, hack or even update.

Just then, she heard a clanging noise from a distance away and saw a Bin Pet holding some cymbals trying to wake Rigg up. What was the Bin Pet forcing Rigg to do? The Bin Pet was smiling whilst waking up Rigg. The Bin Pet was probably owned by Rigg.

Peek then carried on to and went to a grotty old place named Ink’s Orange Peel Park via the portal at Binpet Paradise. It was all old and definitely needed a makeover, but it was a thing. A thing from the old Bin. They needed to keep it like that. So Peek decided to take some selfies there and she edited them.

Just then, she bumped into Drewbian. Drewbian was a member of staff that worked for Bin Weevils and Peek’s most favourite BWHQ staff.

Peek liked Drewbian because he always said hi.

Just then, Peek decided to draw a picture of Drewbian in the Jelly Kingdom as he was stuck in Slime for a really LONG time.

And Peek enjoyed celebrating her Halloween knowing that everything was going to be all right.

A weevily-awesome story! Stay tuned for more upcoming fun contests right here on Weevily Wonder. The final contest & winner will be announced this Wednesday! Be sure to hurry & send in your entries! Happy Halloween, weevily friends!

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