Spooky Science & The Halloween Vault Has Opened – Includes Walkthrough!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Halloween on Bin Weevils has just got even more spookier! Spooky Science & the Halloween Vault has opened inside the Halloween Party. Complete Spooky Science to earn Bin-tastic rewards. Complete Manic Manor & Spooky Science to receive access to the Halloween Vault!

halloween newsBin Tycoon members can transform into either a pumpkin,  a spooky bat, or a ghost! Complete the tasks & help Lab with his crazy inventions in Spooky Science to earn these super-epic new moves for your Bin Weevil. When you complete the final part of Spooky Science, and Manic Manor you’ll have access to the Halloween Vault which awards you a ghost move & many more Bin-tastic rewards.

output_C3aM52These special moves look so amazing! There’s many different rewards to win this Halloween at the Halloween Party. These special moves only last for a limited time only!

There’ different type of rewards in Manic Manor & Spooky Science. Bin Tycoon members earn special moves, exclusive nest items, & the key to access the Halloween Vault. Become a member for all the Halloween fun!

manWhen playing Manic Manor, all you need to do is try to collect as much candy/points as possible! Always try to avoid the ghosts – it doesn’t matter if you lose lives in Manic Manor because you don’t need a certain score to win prizes at the end of your game.

Members can claim all prizes & explore the attic to gain the key! Work your way through the map. There’s 5 rooms waiting to be explored! Get those prizes & have a creepy time.

SInside Spooky Science, you can help Lab out with his crazy inventions. Complete all the mini-tasks to earn Bin-tastic rewards. Bin Tycoon members can earn special moves, spooky slime pod nest item, & the Halloween Vault key! Non-members can earn a Frankenweevil nest item for their nest!

Click on Lab throughout the mission for help & instructions! Bin Weevils HQ has done an amazing job.

vaultHalloween Vault has opened! Collect both keys from Manic Manor & Spooky Science for access to the spooky vault. When you arrive inside, you’ll see loads of blingin’ nest items! Click on the items & Mulch for your rewards. The book near the centre will award your ghost move.

You can watch this helpful video uploaded to YouTube by Spongoo below. It shows you how to complete Spooky Science! Have fun & good luck collecting your rewards…

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5 thoughts on “Spooky Science & The Halloween Vault Has Opened – Includes Walkthrough!

  1. Wow, this year’s Halloween on Bin Weevils is so close to being the best one yet! Spooky Science was my favorite part, but am I the only one who noticed that they recycled it from the Mad Scientist party from 2011? They did however add some bin-credible new things to it this time!

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