New Flem Manor Coming Soon?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Scribbles has posted a Bin-tastic scoop on the What’s New Blog this morning. Scribbles popped over into Rigg’s office to say hello, then he spotted a very interesting picture on Rigg’s Desk! This top-secret picture is very mysterious…


Image taken from the What’s New Blog. 1.11.14

Could this sketch possibly be the new Flem Manor? Yay! I love updates! The Binscape is buzzing about what the next big update is! The Bin Weevils Team are making some Bin-brilliant changes to the Binscape, so who knows what next?

Flem Manor hasn’t been given a huge update since Bin Weevils opened, only the grass colour and a few other changes have taken place. The Bin Weevils Team are going to make Flem Manor even more better. I hope they add new games outside & improve the inside too!

Don’t forget the Binscape map is changing too. I’m sure this Flem Manor update is linked to the big update which should arrive anytime soon in the Binscape. I can’t wait to see the new Flem Manor!

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