Weevil Digital Weekly Roundup #4

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s time for this weeks Weevil Digital Roundup! In these posts, you will see all the latest news from all Weevil Digital Websites.

wd roundup logo

Bin Weevils TV

bwtv banner

The second episodes of our shows are now on the main player! But, the first episodes will be on BinPlayer soon, as we we’re experiencing some problems. Also, The Phurple Show is no longer cancelled! Phurple has been in touch and is now hard at work creating a Christmas special!

The Muddy Times

tmt banner

I’m now focusing on rebuilding The Muddy Times, since Bin Weevils TV is out now! More info on the NEW Muddy Times will be out over the coming weeks.

Weevily Wonder

ww banner

Nothing has really happened on Weevily Wonder this week. We’ve got a new theme, and it looks weevily awesome, don’t you think?

Blog Penguin

blog penguin 2

It’s been a slow week for Club Penguin, so not much to report about Blog Penguin.

That’s it from Weevil Digital’s roundup this week! See you throughout the week!

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