The NEW Binscape Map Is Here!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow! Bin Weevils has updated the Binscape map & it’s looking Bin-credible! Whenever you need to explore the different Bin locations, open your map to see a fresh, modern, vibrant Binscape map!

The new Binscape map looks much more fresh, it fits more into the Bin Weevils we know today! The event icon still features on the Binscape map which is always handy. Some Bin locations have also been updated too which make it even better!

new map

The lake which we can see on the map should be arriving very soon, I also think the map is not completed just yet. Some Bin locations have had minor changes which makes the Binscape more fresh & colourful!

It might take some time for Bin Weevils to get used to the new Binscape layout. There shouldn’t be a big problem. Some locations have moved around so be sure to keep weeviling around to find them, you’ll soon get used to it!

Overall, the Binscape map is looking Bin-credible! There is much more updates on the way. We’ve got so much to look forward to, the new Flem Manor and other Binscape changes. Log into Bin Weevils & start exploring the new map today!

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