New Flem Manor Is Coming Soon

Hello Bin Weevils!

We’ve found out some weevily awesome news for you, readers! Recently, the Bin Weevils Team have confirmed that Flem Manor will be given a whole new look. According to the recent blog post on the What’s New Blog, everything at the current Bin area will be given a fresh new look!

Featured image

The new Flem Manor looks weevily awesome, don’t you think? Although there has been some controversy about the latest plans, the majority of weevils have shown possitive feedback towards Bin Weevils’ latest project! The image shows a more vibrant manor, with a more ‘royal’ look to it, making up the idea that it is a manor. There is some more good news too! The artists at Bin Weevils have kept some slime at Flem Manor, with two statues of Flem releasing his snott!

What do you think of these updates? Do you think that the new Flem Manor looks good? Have any suggestions to how the plans could be altered to suit your taste? Be sure to comment your ideas and opinions on this post!

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