Best Nest Issue #112 OUT NOW!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Nest Inspector has published another issue of Best Nest! Head over to Weevil Post to have a read of this week’s exciting issue. Why not pick up a warm cup of cocoa while you’re reading? Bin-tastic effort from all this week’s winners.

reviewsI’ve selected 2 nest rooms I really loved in this issue! Congratulations to Reeree5 & Ranaldo20 for being featured in Weevily Wonder’s Best Nest review. Simply click ‘continue reading’ to view their nest rooms!

reeReeree5’s Bin-tastic bedroom is filled with bedroom essentials! The pictures make the room really stand out with the gold frame. This weevil has also included a range of different flowers in her bedroom!

Overall; a good effort! Well done!

ronRonaldo20 is reminding us of Halloween! This weevil’s nest room looks spook-tastic & the WeEvil nest items look incredible in this nest room. The spooky pumpkin designs & spooky jars just look spooktacular!

Overall; a nice room! Good effort.

Bin-tastic nest rooms this week. Come back to Weevily Wonder next week for the next Best Nest review written by one of our professional team members.

Next week’s Best Nest theme will be all about the BAFTA Kids’ Vote. Vote Bin Weevils in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote to claim 3 exclusive nest items for your nest. Click this link to cast your vote for Bin Weevils!

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