Bin Update: New Flem Manor Is Here!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Bin Weevils Team have updated Flem Manor with a fresh new look! I’m not a huge fan of the new Flem Manor, but I’m sure many Bin Weevils out there love the brand new manor! The new Flem Manor looks fresh and vibrant with a little slime effect.

You may notice the new Flem Manor is built with cardboard, Flem Manor even has the Bin Weevils seal displayed on it! The fountains right next to Flem Manor’s grand gates look really stylish. Flem Manor even has a maze and a swimming pool!

You’ll now find Spot the Difference inside Flem Manor in The Gallery. Inside of Flem Manor has also been given a fresh spring clean! Whack a Weevil can still be found outside Flem Manor. Hooray for all these incredible changes!


Doesn’t the new Flem Manor look so vibrant and fresh? I like all the bright colours! It’s exciting that Bin Weevils are changing the Binscape because it makes Bin Weevils look way better! Hopefully we see more changes like this one.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section…

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