NEW Japanese Nest Items On Sale Now!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’m so delighted that Bin Weevils have introduced a new nest theme for us. The new Japanese nest items are now available to purchase in Nestco! Purchase these new items to make a Japanese style nest room. All the Japanese nest items look so Bin-tastic! The lovely pieces of Japanese art makes your nest rooms stand out!


Dumdawg’s Japanese nest room! Featuring a variety of different Japanese nest items. Hope you like it! 13.11.14

Lovely work, Bin Weevils HQ! I hope there’s even more nest themes coming our way to Nestco. I’m sure the Nest Inspector will be looking for Japanese nest rooms so be sure to submit your Japanese nest rooms to the Nest Inspector! You might even be featured in Best Nest & win your very own Nest Inspector trophy!

PS:  Bin Tycoon members receive DOUBLE XP from all Japanese nest items for the next 2 weeks! If you would like to level up fast, purchase these items for an instant XP Boost! Bin Tycoon members also receive early access to all these items! Happy shopping!

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