What’s Been Happening On Weevily Wonder?

BKOn several occasions Weevily Wonder has been targeted by hackers. We’ve tried our best to secure Weevily Wonder. You may have noticed we’ve been offline on many occasions too, this is because we were working hard re-storing Weevily Wonder. We can promise you that we will try our best to stop the hacking.

If you’ve followed Weevily Wonder via email and received an email containing rude language please ignore the email. The hackers left a lot of damage and had access to our emails. We’re heartbroken this has happened.

Don’t worry! Hackers will not stop us. We’re still aiming to bring you Bin-credible Binscape news, gossip, codes and help! Thank you for your patience.



3 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening On Weevily Wonder?

  1. Hi bud yes i had another vile email from those hackers but i first saw it on facebook and i knew it was not your blog/email. It must be so hard for you buds to have to keep dealing with this hacking problem. You would think there must be someone who could deal with these idiots and prosecute them.

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