Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils HQ have released some festive sneak peeks on their newest video! We can for sure tell Winter Wonderland will be AMAZING this year. Tombalol and the other Bin Weevils artists are working so weevily hard designing the new Winter Wonderland.

There’s going to be so much Bin-tastic festive areas inside Winter Wonderland! Ice Rink, Snappy’s Winter Photo Studio, brand new SWS mission ‘The Bin’s Big Freeze’ for Christmas, and much more! Weevily wow! Who is excited for Christmas now?


Weevily wow! This is the inside of Winter Wonderland. Doesn’t it look amazing? You will even be able to build your own snowman! I believe Build Your Own Snowman will be a Christmas hunt!

There’s even going to be snow around the Binscape in different Bin areas! Check out the snowy Binscape map sneak peek. Are you ready for a jam-packed Christmas on Bin Weevils? These sneak peeks are so exciting!

The Binscape map covered in snow!

The Binscape map covered in snow!

Dana, one of Bin Weevils developers is creating a Bin-tastic new SWS mission for Christmas, the Bin’s Big Freeze! The new SWS Christmas mission is looking amazing and I can’t wait to play it! Check out the sneak peek below.


Bin Weevils artist, Fernando is working on the Bin’s Big Freeze too! Check out his weevily-amazing drawings below. I’m sure Christmas will be so special in the Binscape and I can’t wait to visit Winter Wonderland! Bin Weevils HQ are busy freezing the Binscape!

fernandoWinter Wonderland looks Bin-credible! Stay tuned for more festive sneak peeks and updates. You can watch Bin Weevils’ newest Q&A video below. Watch the video to see the Bin Weevils Team answering your questions, and more exclusive sneak peeks!

PS: The BAFTA Kids’ Vote ends tomorrow! Cast your vote for Bin Weevils to claim three exclusive nest items. Click here to start voting your favourites and Bin Weevils in the web category.


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