This Christmas on Bin Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, it’s almost Christmas and Bin Weevils are getting ready for the festive month! During Christmas, there’s going to be many festive events going on in the Binscape! Winter Wonderland is COMING SOON, and I can’t wait! The Binscape will also be covered in snow just for December!

This Christmas we will also be able to collect a special move, join the festive snowman hunt, complete an SWS mission, and much more! Weevily wow. December is going to be a Bin-tastic month!

To view Bin Weevils post all about the below highlights, click this link.



post 3

post 5

post 6Be sure to stay tuned for any Christmas news and updates. Are you excited for Christmas in the Binscape? Leave your weevily thoughts in the comments section. I can feel this year is going to be a very, very special Christmas!

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