Bin Weevils Christmas Advent Calendar & Christmas Shop!

Hello Bin Weevils!

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Christmas has started in the Binscape! The Bin Weevils Advent Calendar is here and from now until 5th January you can collect daily rewards from your Advent Calendar! You can collect 15 EXCLUSIVE nest items, 2 EXCLUSIVE garden items, 100 DOSH, 3,000 MULCH and 300 XP from your Advent Calendar this year!

chrToday’s festive reward is 20 Dosh! Spend your Dosh reward on Christmas nest items over at the Christmas Shop inside the Shopping Mall. There’s plenty more prizes to collect daily. Psst… Bin Tycoon members can collect the rewards they’ve missed!

11The Christmas Shop is now open at the Shopping Mall! It’s time to deck your nest with Bin-tastic winter and Christmas themed nest items! Pop into the snowy igloo to start shopping for festive items!

The Christmas Shop is way better this year, there’s new items and also it’s a completely different shopping screen! There’s so many Bin-tastic winter nest items and also some nest items which weren’t available last year…

christmas shopA wonderful job Bin Weevils Team! Log in everyday to collect exclusive rewards from your Advent Calendar, located in your nest. We’ll post each reward daily! Look out for more Bin-tastic Christmas activities in the Binscape this December!  Merry Christmas, weevily friends!

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5 thoughts on “Bin Weevils Christmas Advent Calendar & Christmas Shop!

  1. Hello there, Dumdawg.
    I wanted to ask if you advertise other websites in posts. The reason I asked this is people I wanted to find a way to advertise my Bin-Weevils Blog, but there was no reliable sources around, and I thought if you would be able to help me get started.

    Please reply under my comment.
    Kind Regards,
    The Bin-Weevils Blog Team (Not


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