Dumdawg’s Christmas nest room!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Christmas is approaching and throughout this month Bin Weevils will be heading to the Christmas Shop to purchase Bin-tastic seasonal items for their nest rooms! I hope you are all in the Christmas spirit because I am! I’ve created this festive nest room in celebration of Christmas and I’m going to be creating even more very soon!

One of Dumdawg's Christmas nest rooms for 2014!

One of Dumdawg’s Christmas nest rooms for 2014!

There’s so many festive nest items over at the Shopping Mall! Don’t forget to keep opening your Advent Calendar on Bin Weevils daily for special rewards, gifts and treats this Christmas! Your Advent Calendar offers some fantastic nest items which are perfect for creating a Christmas nest room!

I’m also happy to be featured in this week’s issue of Best Nest. I created this freezing nest room a couple of weeks ago. Winter is the perfect season to get decorating your nest rooms! Thank you Nest Inspector for featuring me on the first page in Best Nest!

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