Winter Wonderland: Snow Weevil Hunt Locations!

Hello Bin Weevils!

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Winter Wonderland is now open and the Snow Weevil Hunt has begun! Find all the snowman pieces around the Binscape to build the snowman and earn a FREE garden item and special move!

build itYou can begin your snowman hunt from the wooden snowman base at Winter Wonderland! Collect the FREE item, hover your mouse over the different parts of the snowman item in your nest to reveal the clues.

Struggling finding all the snowman pieces? Follow our weevily hunt location guide below! 

1. Hat – Click on Gam’s statue’s woolly hat at Castle Gam.

12. Head – Click on SWS badge above the Bin’s Big Freeze at Winter Wonderland.

53. Eyes – The fish’s eye on the right of Dosh’s Palace.

34. Nose – At Bin Pets Paradise there’s a statue holding it.

45. Mouth – Click ice cream machine at Tums Diner. Psst.. it’s hiding!

66. Arms – Jump on a branch on the right of Tink’s Tree. You should see the arms on the snowy ground below you.

27. Arms – In the Pool Hall.

78. Scarf – At nest street, wrapped around the nest.

89. Buttons and the body – On the Bin Pet Shop (at the Shopping Mall), click the Bin Pet’s eye.

1010. Activate the discoball at the Club Fling.

9All weevils can take part in this weevily snowman hunt… but Bin Tycoon members can earn a FREE snow weevil special move which is Bin-tastic! All weevils can earn a FREE snowman garden item… brr, it’s getting chilly!

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