Winter Wonderland NOW OPEN!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Winter Wonderland is NOW OPEN in the Binscape! Visit Winter Wonderland throughout the Christmas celebrations for Bin-tastic festivities and winter fun! Winter Wonderland can be found on the Binscape map and it’s brilliant! Let the Christmas celebrations begin!

weevil wonderland NOW ONInside Winter Wonderland there’s a Build Your Own Snow Weevil Hunt, Lab’s Winter XP Potions are also on sale inside. This is only the start and there’s much more festive fun coming soon. The Ice Rink and the Bin’s Big Freeze are coming soon! What a Bin-tastic Christmas we are going to have!

A big snow storm has hit the Binscape! That’s right, the Binscape is covered in lovely white snow and rumour has it there’s even more snow on the way… grab your winter hats and start exploring the Bin’s snow! Brr, it’s so lovely to have snow this year! Even Figg’s Cafe has had an update and it looks Bin-tastic!

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Brr! Sure is freezing in the Binscape. Stay tuned for even more Winter Wonderland news and updates right here on Weevily Wonder! Doesn’t the Binscape look lovely covered in white snow? Christmas has started!

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9 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland NOW OPEN!

  1. I loved it a lot i went skating got an xp potion completed the snowman hunt and got a garden item for completing it the big bin freeze was my favourite part and completed the mission i got a trophy to put wifh all my others


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