Bin Weevils EXCLUSIVE: New Santa Hat!

Hello Bin Weevils!

My buddy, Jjs63 has sent me an exclusive Christmas sneak peek of the new Santa Hat! Lot’s of Bin Weevils have been suggesting a Santa hat and Bin Weevils have listened! The Santa Hat will be on sale at Hem’s Hats anytime soon for the festive holidays!

sneakpeekweevilywonderThe Santa Hat was found along with other Bin-tastic SWF’s. Doesn’t the Santa Hat look Bin-tastic? I can’t wait to purchase the hat and wear it around the Binscape! Stay tuned for more festive news right here on Weevily Wonder!

Psst… do you need the Snow Weevil Hunt locations? Click this link to visit our helpful guide. You’ll earn a special snow weevil move and a garden item! 

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